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  1. Lawn Care
    Lawn Care
    We use a bridge system which uses Organic bio stimulants and with the proper amount of NPK. Doing this means we're feeding the soil for better roots and stress relief. While feeding it NPK to make it lush and green.
  2. Shrub & Tree Care
    Shrub & Tree Care
    This area is editable and you can use it to promote your services. This area is editable and you can use it to promote your services.
  3. Special Applications
    Special Applications
    Mole Treatments Once a year Fire Ant Control Growth Regulators Liquid Aeration Lime Applications and more.
  4. Irrigation Repairs
    Irrigation Repairs
    Sprinkler adjustments & replacement Valve replacement Broken water line Broken valve wire location & repair Timer adjustments & replacement Rain & Freeze sensor installation Monthly, Quarterly & Bi-Annual maintenance services
  5. Mosquito Control
    Mosquito Control
What sets us apart?
We are not a franchise! We are locally owned and operated by the Rogers' family. We have been servcing the CSRA since 2011 and have grown almost 100% by word of mouth. 

Being owned and operated here in the CSRA makes it easy for us to adjust our program by current weather conditions. This makes a better response to current pest or turf conditions.

We travel to several educational & trade shows thorughout the year to stay on top of the lastest products being offered or being taken off the market.  This ensures Kathleen's will remain one step ahead of our competion.
Using products that feed the soil biology and reduce our carbon footprint are just a couple things that set us apart from the competition. Products that contains over 800+ species of beneficial living microoganism and Fungi. Humic & Fulvic Acid, Nitrogen stabilizer that reduces run off.

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We'd love the oppurunity to service your property!