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Your lawn is your home’s presentation card. A well-kept lawn can completely change the way you look at your property, and it can also boost your love for your home. At Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care, we strive to provide you with the best service, and we make sure that your needs are taken care of and your expectations surpassed.

Kathleen’s is a family-owned and -operated business that has been servicing the CSRA since 2011. We are proud to say that most of our clients have come to us from word of mouth, and we couldn’t be happier to provide a service that gets our clients expressing their satisfaction with their friends and neighbors!

Lawn Care Services We Provide:

  • Kathleen's Soil Health Bionutrition Fertilization

  • Specialized Weed Control for Tough Weeds

  • Preemergent Weed Control

  • Nutsedge Control

  • Crabgrass Control

  • Broadleaf Weed Control

  • Fire Ant Control

This Is What You Get From Our Services

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Reliable Service

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

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Locals Who Know The Area

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Great Pricing & Plans

Lawn Care Done by Local Experts

One of the things Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care offers is the peace of mind to know that you are receiving top-notch service from a team that’s aware of the current pest and lawn problems in your area. We are not a franchise; this allows us to give you a personable treatment. We are in the CSRA and are always attentive to the current trend of problems that your lawn could be going through, and we give you solutions that work!

Enjoy Your Lawn!

Don’t allow minor problems to ruin the way you enjoy your lawn. Whether your lawn needs a visual uplift or you are looking to provide a great place for your kids to play, Kathleen’s services are here to give you all the solutions you need to make your lawn shine and provide a beautiful contrast to your home!

Your Lawn Care Experts in CSRA

There are many factors that can affect your lawn’s health — some of them are not noticeable until it’s too late for a simple solution and you need more time and money spent to fix it. Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care brings you a variety of solutions and plans that will help you maintain a beautiful lawn. Here are some of the services we offer:

Soil Health Bionutrition Fertilization

Bionutrients are used in lawn care as supplements to improve your lawn’s ability to grow healthy, build better roots, and absorb more water from the soil while reducing the need for pesticides and fertilizers. This process will also help you limit the use of any harmful chemicals — help your lawn grow natural and beautiful!

Specialized Weed Control for Tough Weeds

When you are having a problem with weeds and you can’t seem to get them out for good, contact Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care to help you. We know how annoying it is to have a yard filled with weeds that no matter what you do to them, they still come back. Our team has specialized weed control methods that will clean your lawn and make it look great!

Preemergent Weed Control

Kathleen’s offers you a service that will assure you of the curbing of weed growth. You don’t need to have a crew on your property every month dealing with invasive weeds that you know are only going to take another couple of weeks before you see them again. Contact our team to request the preemergent weed control service to make sure your lawn grows weed-free!

Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge is a very invasive and aggressive weed that infests lawns, gardens, and home landscapes. These weeds are usually difficult to get rid of and require a long plan to fully eradicate them. Kathleen’s Lawn Care & Shrub Care is here to offer you the necessary solution to finally rid your property of this overwhelming problem.

Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass is a seasonal weed that lives and dies in the same year, although some people don’t think of it as a big problem, this weed releases a gargantuan amount of seeds every year, resulting in, if not taken care of at the right moment, a slow invasion of your yard. Don’t let the beauty of your garden and lawn be attacked by a stealthy enemy. The experts at Kathleen’s will make sure to get rid of this pest before they come out!

Broadleaf weeds can turn your lush lawn into a rough landscape. These weeds, if left unattended, can overpower your grass and become a sore sight on your lawn. Kathleen’s offers the right solutions to keep your lawn looking smooth and vibrant.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants can be one of the most dangerous pests that you can have in your lawn. These tiny insects might look harmless, but they can do great damage to pets and humans. Their colonies can build up to be around the hundreds of thousands of ants per nest, making them a threat. Contact Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care in the case of having a fire ant infestation and we’ll take care of it!

Whatever the condition of your lawn may be, whether you need weed control, pest control, or any other solution to make your lawn look its best, contact Kathleen’s lawn services today and we will be happy to help you!!

Silver Lawn Care Program

Everything necessary for a worry-free lawn.

  • 7 Lawn Health Care Visits
  • Kathleen's Soil Health Bionutrition
  • Specialized Weed Control for Tough Weeds
  • Preemergent Weed Control
  • Nutsedge Control
  • Crabgrass Control
  • FREE Soil PH. Testing
  • FREE Fire Ant Control
  • FREE Service Calls

Starting at $33.25* ​​Monthly

*After 5% budget discount

* 5,000 sq.ft. or less of turf.

Gold Lawn & Shrub Program

Everything in the Silver Program +

  • 5 Shrub Health Care Visits
  • Kathleen's Soil Health Bionutrition​
  • Leaf / Stem insect Control
  • Leaf Fungus Control
  • FREE Service Calls

​​​ Starting at $55.02* Monthly​​​

After 5% budget discount

*5000 sq.ft. or less of turf

*1500 sq.ft. or less of shrubs

Platinum Lawn & Shrub Program

Everything in the Gold Program +

Starting at $66.90* Monthly

After 5% budget discount

*5000 sq.ft. or less of turf

*1500 sq.ft. or less of shrubs

Mosquito Program

Add Mosquito service to any of our programs

  • 7 Monthly visits from April - October
  • FREE Service Calls

Starting at $30.00* Monthly​​​

After 5% budget discount

*2500 sq.ft. or less of shrubs