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There are a few things in your home that can make or break your perception and how much you enjoy your property. While on average we spend more time inside our house than we do on the outside, the exterior of your home plays a heavy role in your overall perception — if the outside looks like it has seen better days and the exterior represents more of a depressive mood, then you’ll end up feeling like the entire house is on the same level.

At Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care, we know how important the exterior of your home is, and, for this reason, we have specialized in becoming artists of keeping your home looking green and luscious, and making sure that nothing brings the overall feeling and looks down so you can enjoy your home at all times!

Your front and back yard are some of those exterior items that have a heavy visual impact, as a big part of your property’s area. Dead or burnt grass will change the aesthetics of your house and therefore it might change the way you feel about your home.

There are many other problems that can affect the outside of your home. While the grass can be a big part of your visual real estate, things like shrubs, flowerbeds, xeriscapes, and other external parts of your property can be affected by many of the problems that the team at Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care can take care for you.

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Bionutrition & Fertilization

We believe that keeping a well-fertilized yard can bring the overall mood of your home to new levels. Being able to see your property from afar and have the visuals bring out a smile is what we strive for every time we service a home in the Central Savannah River area.

A big part of our business is to provide the right bionutrition and fertilization to your plants and grass to ensure that they stay looking their best throughout the year. Caring for your home is not only a big aspect of making you like your property, it’s also a big factor in keeping your property value up!

We always strive to create a solid relationship with all of our customers, which is why we like to give every job the time and dedication it deserves. At Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care, we know that taking our time at every job we do might not be the easiest approach, but we are in the business of providing the best yard and lawn service in the CSRA.

We often see other companies paying their technicians for the number of lawns completed every day, which often results in poor quality, and, for us, it simply does not look right. Our technicians’ commissions are measured in the callbacks from our customers, and every time we get to go back to our customers to keep providing the services your lawn needs to keep your home looking beautiful!


Pest Control

Fire Ants and other lawn & shrub pest can be a deal-breaker in more than one sense for your property. Not being able to enjoy your lawn with your family the way it’s intended can be a problem — it’s like having a nice vehicle parked in the driveway and not being able to drive it.




Moles are a pest because they can damage your lawn while they dig underground. These creatures tend to create tunnels that can damage the roots of plants, and their molehills and ridges can spoil lawns and flowerbeds.

Moles need to be constantly feeding and they can dig at speeds of up to 15 feet per hour. When mating, these creatures can have up to seven pups which can turn a couple of moles damaging your lawn into an entire army of pests destroying your property.

Since these are difficult to see because they are underground most of the time, you can notice the ridges and molehills when they come out of the ground on your lawn and flowerbeds. Do not attempt to catch them by hand because they have sharp teeth and will most likely bite.

If you notice moles or any of the signs on your lawn, call Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care and we will take care of your problem for you!

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Fire Ants

Fire ants can become a bigger problem than many people anticipate. These insects can have colonies from 100,000 to 500,000 members and their underground colonies can extend great distances, making them a pest hard to deal with.

There can be medical and even fatal complications from this pest due to their venomous sting. Fire ants usually attack or defend themselves with numbers, meaning that if you fall or step into a place with a fire ant colony, you could be stung by dozens or perhaps hundreds of ants at the same time.

People have said that the sensation of a fire ant sting is that of “intense burning” and if someone is to have a reaction to their sting, they could need medical attention to avoid the problem getting worse.

You can contact Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care for a yearly check to make sure that you don’t have any fire ant mounds, or if you are aware that you have a fire ant pest problem.

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Mole Crickets and Grubs

Mole crickets and grubs can severely destroy your lawn by eating the grass roots, making it more complicated for your lawn to look green and luscious. These pests, especially mole crickets, dig burrows and work in the upper inch of the soil where they can feed on the roots of your plants. When they feed they tend to create an unbalance for the plants which can end up killing the plants.

Like moles, mole crickets can leave traces on the ground like ridges that can be identified. However, due to their much smaller size, these are a lot harder to see.

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Mosquito Control

Although mosquitoes are not necessarily considered pests, it definitely sure feels like it at times. Mosquitoes are one of the few insects that can single-handedly ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors, especially if you are trying to have a nice afternoon outside in the back yard with your family and friends.

Mosquitoes are also carriers of diseases that can get you and your loved ones sick. At Kathleen’s, we are able to reduce your mosquito problem to make sure that it does not keep increasing and becoming an uncontrollable problem for you and your family!

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Tired of having pests on your lawn and yard?

Trying to keep your lawn, grass, flowerbeds, and your home’s exterior looking beautiful can be a laborious task and it’s not always the easiest thing to do. That’s why at Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care we offer yearly plans to maintain your lawn and keep those pests at bay. Contact us today to learn more about our plans or click the button below to learn more about our plans.

Plans & Pricing

More Than Lawn Care & Pest Control!

As we mentioned before, we deal with a wide range of pest control solutions and different pests that can deter you from enjoying the outside of your home. However, that’s not all we do at Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care.

We specialize in making every corner of your lawn and yard looking as best as possible and making sure that you smile every time you see your property. We always strive to make sure that every lawn service you receive from our technicians is satisfactory and exceeds your expectations.

Here are some of the beautifying services we offer for your lawn and yards:

Liquid Aeration

Unlike regular aeration, liquid aeration involves applying a liquid solution to your lawn. This solution goes through your soil and breaks down the bigger chunks of dirt and loosens it up, creating more natural and beneficial airways.

One of the advantages of liquid aeration over regular aeration is that this process does not damage anything on or under your lawn. Since the process does not involve digging holes on your lawn, it means that there’s no way for this process to damage any of your irrigation lines or anything that you might have installed on your lawn.

Lime & Sulfur Treatment

The pH levels of your lawn are a big factor when it comes to the overall health of your grass. The application process of either sulfur or lime to your lawn is not that complicated. The bigger complication comes in the amount of material that needs to be added to your soil and grass in order to balance the pH levels.

One of the things that we do at Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care is sample your soil to make sure that we are getting the right pH levels for your soil, so we can be sure of the right treatment for your soil and lawn.

Lawn Rejuvenation

If your lawn has seen better days and it seems that it struggles every time you try to bring it back to life, Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care is here to provide the perfect solution for your lawn to get it back to its prime.

We will treat your lawn and soil with special feeds that have beneficial fungi added to the micro-nutrients, and the potassium that your lawn needs and that you can’t simply get in a bag of fertilizer.

These treatments have proven to be an amazing solution for those lawns that have been dying for years and that seems to look more decayed with every season that passes.

Vegetation Control

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest problems we run into is weeds. They are everywhere, they always tarnish the green landscape of your lawn and yard, and most problematic of all, they are always painful to get rid of.

Getting rid of weeds and overgrown plants can become a full-time job by itself. You can spend an entire weekend tending to weeds and making sure that your lawn is clean only to realize that in a week's time, weeds have completely overtaken your flower beds and other green areas around your home.

You don’t have to worry about those weeds anymore. The experts at Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care work tirelessly to make sure that your weed problems are gone for good. This coupled with a maintenance plan will ensure you that your lawn is always going to be greener on your side!

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Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful

There are many ways to keep your lawn looking its best and at Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care, we want to make sure that you have the best green areas around your home!

Here are a few tips that you can follow to help your lawn and yard always look amazing:


Remove Weeds

Like we mentioned before, weeds are one of those things that can make a yard look unattractive. Not only is it a visual problem but also weeds can take away from the nutrients and water that the rest of your plants need if you let them take over. In other words, weeds can cut the food supply to your plants.


Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration is a very important step in keeping your lawn healthy. When we aerate, we are allowing the soil to break in a way that the water can reach deeper and it creates softer soil for roots to grow and absorb nutrients easier making the foundation of your plants more solid.


Mow Your Lawn Appropriately

Always keep your lawn freshly cut and at the right height to make sure that it always stays healthy. Make sure to also keep the blades of your mower sharp that way you cut the blades of grass instead of breaking the top of your grass. Keeping your lawn healthy can prevent weeds from growing and maintain the green levels of your grass!

There are more ways to keep your lawn green, your shrubs luscious, and the overall look of your yard pristine. At Kathleen’s Lawn & Shrub Care, we know how important it is to keep your lawn healthy and looking good, that’s why we offer the best lawn services in the CSRA, so our communities can look their best.

Contact our team today to learn more about our lawn care plans and the services we provide or if you are looking for a specific lawn service, such as pest control, shrub care, lawn pH levels regulation, and more; we can help you!

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